My name is Phoebe and I'm a photography & videography freelancer currently based in St. Louis. I feel most at home when engaging in photography, travel, and environmental activism. I'm happy to go anywhere for projects, but St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, and the Midwest are especially easy for me! My main fortes are immersive nature films, event photography, and documentary short filmmaking.

How I work

Being photographed or documented is inherently an intimate process. I'm dedicating to getting to know the person or group I am photographing, so clients feel comfortable being themselves on camera and my images reflect their inner essence. My style is continually refining, however, my core values and goals have remained the same: I love to create work of undaunted creativity, authenticity, vulnerability, and connection.


While studying at University of Missouri--Columbia, I was trained in photojournalism and filmmaking techniques as I acquired my Bachelor's in Documentary Journalism. My short "Qualm & Quietus" received the Silver Award from IMDb's Independent Shorts Awards and officially premiered at NYC's 2020 First Look Film Fest. I love creating promotional videos as well as short documentaries to viscerally invite viewers into realities full of story, vision, and heart.

My visual work has appeared in platforms such as the

Missouri Botanical Garden's Bulletin & Calendar, the Columbia Missourian Newspaper, and 4th Row Films documentaries, and my projects taken to me from Missouri to New York to Thailand. Much of my work is oriented to environmental conservation and activism, because I believe film is a potent medium of bringing issues to society's attention. It's important to me that people reach the end of films not just knowing more, but feeling more. As humans, emotion guides us to action.

I feel grateful to showcase organizations, preserve history & heart with families, and project stories as my life's work.


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