​© Phoebe Mussman 2018 

This is my official shot reel for videography work I've created- commissioned as well as personal- from 2015 to 2018. To see the films that these shots came from, visit https://vimeo.com/phoebemussman.

This archival documentary follows the unfurling consequences of the Contra War. 1980's news and war footage is paired with commentary from Sara Clark, who lived in Nicaragua for one year. She saw remnants of the war firsthand and heard countless stories from families who were forced to disperse because of it.

B.R.E.A.T.H.E. mediatation organizer Christopher Shannon discusses how sounds subconsciously affect us all the time and particular sounds which have been used for centuries- or even millennia- to focus consciousness. To mirror the mentality of mindfulness, most of this video does not include visuals and incites viewers to use the extra space for focus on the audio, as well as evoke contemplation. The only footage used follows the camera's wandering appreciation of a handmade Shiva temple resting in the surrounding mountains of Santa Fe.

“Esta Terra” is an abstract documentary film comprised of video I filmed in various regions of Nicaragua in the summer of 2017. While travelling through the country, I was struck by the kindness of its group culture, the widespread love of poetry, and the beauty of its forgotten details and winding landscapes. All of this inspired me to construct a film serving as a sort of visual poetry for those who have heard nothing, or only negative generalizations, about the country. My shots align conceptually and rhythmically with a poem by Gerald Webb, which I think deftly conveys the overarching complexity and soul of Nicaragua.

 By forgoing an outsider-centered standpoint or narration, I attempt to let the country speak for itself as much as possible through the video I filmed. By crafting a film devoid of contexts depending solely on comparison, tropes, pain, or politics, I prompt viewers to question the conventional frameworks we expect and desire to see less industrialized countries portrayed in. The result is a subtler and more interpretable view of the land- esta tierra- conveying the emotion and complexity of Nicaragua in the same rhythmic way poetry does.

Submitted to the "Gimme Truth" contest at the 2018 True/False Film Festival, this hilarious video follows two eccentric, self-proclaimed "emotive plant biologists" as they reveal their perspective on plants. Is this video 100% true or 100% false? Ask me to find out.

This artistic piece highlights the poetry of OneMic Co-Founder T'keyah Thomas, with her spoken word poem "We're Free to Roam" (filmed at Columbia's Burr Oak tree).

Filmed in November of 2016, this feature video on the #StandwithPP movement highlights the actions local Columbians have gone to in voicing support for Planned Parenthood, reproductive rights, and feminism everywhere. ​

"Due to the recent Trump presidential nomination, protests created by minorities who feel their rights may be compromised have sprouted across the nation. #StandwithPP is an example of women asserting their solidarity with accessible health care and sexual education at a time when institutions like Planned Parenthood are being defunded and minority rights aren't being given priority in our government."

This profile video represents the mission of the mid-Missouri nonprofit Peaceworks, which makes its presence known in downtown Columbia in the form of a store named the Peace Nook. Co-founder Mark Haim explains the ways in which the Nook acts as a community resource center for Columbia, and with its profits, continues to promote sustainable, peaceful, and progressive ways of living in our modern world.

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